Nitrous Oxide Sedation / General Anaesthesia

Nitrous oxide (also known as “laughing gas” or “happy gas”) is an inhaled gas which provides a safe and effective method of relieving anxiety in anxious but co-operative children. Flavoured nitrous oxide sedation is commonly used in our surgeries when performing routine dental procedures, including dental restorations and extractions. The gas is very effective and safe, and the effects are reversed quickly at the completion of treatment. Your Specialist Paediatric Dentist will discuss whether nitrous oxide sedation is appropriate for your child’s dental treatment.

Treatment under general anaesthesia is routinely recommended for children who are young, anxious and/or have extensive dental treatment needs. It allows your child to sleep soundly during their procedure, allowing treatment to be performed to the highest standard whilst reducing the risk of traumatising your child. We operate at Southbank Day Surgery alongside a Specialist Paediatric Anaesthetist where treatment is completed in one visit. Your Specialist Paediatric Dentist will discuss whether treatment under general anaesthesia is appropriate for your child.