Teleconsultations Now Available

In response to COVID-19 and the Australian Dental Association Level 3 restriction placed on all dental practices, we are now offering teleconsultations for your child. For after hour emergencies please contact us on (08) 9339 8200.

With teleconsultation, our paediatric dentists will use video communication, via Facetime, Whatsapp or Zoom to help answer questions you may have on your child’s dental health.


Follow these 3 simple steps to book your online consultation today.

Step 1.

Take 5 photographs of your child’s teeth on your mobile phone (you will be prompted to upload these in step 2).

  • Patient’s Upper right back teeth
  • Patient’s Upper left back teeth
  • Patient’s Lower left back teeth
  • Patient’s Lower right back teeth
  • Front teeth with lip lifted

Examples of photos:

Taking photos of my 3 year old son – Watch Video


Step 2.

Please click the link below and fill out the secure online Patient Information Form. You will be asked to upload your photos and provide any other necessary information.


Step 3.

Once you have submitted the form, one of our friendly reception team will call you to arrange a 30 minute teleconsultation for you and your child.

Please be advised that a $55 fee will be payable to the reception at the time of booking.

(Please note: Only some private health insurance companies will offer a rebate for a teleconsultation)



Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a referral from my general dentist or medical practitioner?

No referral is needed to see our Paediatric Dentists. However, any recent radiographs taken by your previous dentist may be useful to have prior to your appointment. Please inform our receptionists if you wish to have these radiographs requested from your previous dentist.


Are you only accepting emergency consultations?

No, all parents are welcome to contact us.

Does my child have to be present during the Teleconsultation?

Yes, it is preferred.

How do I take the photos?

Taking photos of your child’s teeth using your mobile phone will not be easy…. and may not be possible.  However, images submitted to us, will often be clearer than seeing your child’s teeth during the teleconsultation. The more information we get, the more accurate our advice will be.

Please watch the video and follow these tips:

The most important advice is to …… Have patience with your child! 

If possible….. practice, practice, practice (and consider bribery – it worked for me)!

Use good lighting during the daytime (go outside or next to a window) and choose an area where your child can lie down.

For your child’s upper teeth:

  • Have your child lying down with a small pillow under their shoulder blades with their head tilted back slightly and chin pointing upwards.

For your child’s lower teeth:

  • Have your child either lying down or sitting upright.

Good luck!


What happens if my child will not cooperate for photos or will not open their mouth during the teleconsultation?

Having reasonably clear photos will greatly assist us during the teleconsultation.  However, taking photos of your child’s mouth with your mobile phone will not be easy and in some cases impossible.

In the event no photos can be uploaded or your child doesn’t open their mouth during the teleconsultation, it will still be worthwhile speaking to both you and your child via teleconsultation.

We acknowledge that a direct examination may be the only way to determine your child’s treatment requirements, and if deemed urgent during the teleconsultation, an appointment will be made to examine your child at our Bicton Surgery.